Elan Academy


The flagship internship program of Elan Academy attracts talent from top academic institutions. The program attracts a mix of students from across disciplines like management, technology, and liberal arts.

Campus Ambassador Program

If you are a passionate individual with ambitious dreams and would like to work with talented and qualified professionals from Elan Academy, then this could be the right break for you. Campus Ambassadors will implement the action plans for promoting the Elan Academy and awareness campaigns on their campus and the city.

Volunteer Program

If you are inspired to take concrete action to bring change in education system, society, and the world, take a look at the Elan Academy Volunteers program.

Become a teacher

At Elan Academy, we believe in the power of learning to uplift, empower, and transform. We invite you to join us in creating and providing a world-class education that directly connects the students of today with the jobs of today, tomorrow, and beyond.